The One About Beginning A Blog

Well this is it, my very first post. And given my habit of dropping projects almost as fast as I pick them up, it could possibly be my last. So I guess I should make the most of it, right?

In typical “new year, new me.” fashion I’m using the start of the 2017 (pretty sure February still counts…) to kick-start something new. But whilst this might be a new adventure, starting a blog is a goal I’ve put off for a while.

Why? well I’m one of those people who thinks that blogging is a mystical art. That takes a sharp focus on audience and ultimately a purpose for the prose beyond just writing. So “start a blog” has always been something that’s be pushed back, and back, until I knew who I’d be writing for and what I’d be writing about. Well, until now.

Now I’ve bitten the bullet and started with no idea where it’ll go if anyone will read, or even what I’ll write about. However, I do know that somewhere I’ll be sitting down each day to write something. Sometimes it’ll be long, sometime’s it’ll be short. Hell, sometimes it might just be a set of photos strung together in a semi-lucid manner. But each day, for a year, there’ll be something.

I know, right now you’re most likely thinking “Cool, but what an earth does this have to do with hats, and why is it green?”. Good question, and here’s your answer…

The “Green Hat” is part of the Six Thinking Hats system designed by Edward de Bono. It’s part of these six perspectives, that people adopt to improve their thinking and evaluation of situations. The Green Hat is the member of the group who thinks creatively, investigating to seeing where a thought goes.

It’s said that none of these ‘hats’ express natural outlooks on life, that we can’t just think one way all the time and need to switch between a range of thinking to be well-balanced.

But who can’t benefit from a daily dose of creative investigation of trends, topics and experiences? So put us in your bookmark bar if you like and we’ll find out where this goes together.

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