The One About Creativity

The truth is I’m not a creative person. 

At least not naturally.

I don’t feel like I fizzle with new and imaginative ideas – you know, the real, meaningful ones that break the mould and burn their place in the public memory.

Yeah, I’m not a creative person.
But, lately I’ve been wondering…

What if I’ve had creativity all wrong?

It’s safe to say that I’m a stone cold problem solver. I feel most at home picking apart an issue, drawing on knowledge and learnings from elsewhere to fix things others can’t.

Yet for a long time I never really considered this to be “creativity”. Even now, I wonder is could it really be?

After all there’s not an adobe software to facilitate problem solving is there? People don’t stand around in galleries an admire it, do they?

But really, to be creative is just to search and apply the not-so-obvious solutions to the problems you face. Sure sometimes this means crafting something beautiful from scratch, but other times it is just knowing the context you’re in and the appropriate solution to the issue you face.

So I think we can all be creative. There’s no selective mysterious gift here. It’s simply passion, insight driven by previous learnings and determination.  To me real creativity is problem solving with insight and imagination.

What about you? What defines creativity in your view? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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