The One About Space

Before my girlfriend reads this and sets off into a panic, it’s not a call for more space, a break or anything else like that.

Today’s post is about the environments we find ourselves trying to work in. Whether that’s at work, home, or on holiday. Those places where you find yourself trying to generate ideas and get stuff done.

A simple Google search looking for tips on how to be more productive will bring up pages upon pages of results. Each one will trumpet different ways to boost your attention span, supercharge your to do-list skills and much more.

Now, I’m not saying none of these self improvement strategies work. Far from it, I’m a serial self-optimiser and love new tactics for working smarter, not harder.

But I think there’s a simple, underlying, truth in every tactic. Where you work matters most.

There’s no magic bullet for this either, each persons optimonal environment will be different. And even then it’ll shift with your mood and the task.

Just think about it, I’m sure we’ve all encountered those times where we’ve got a project to do – on that actually inspires us or speaks to our talents – but we just can’t make any progress.

More than likely that’s because you’re not in the right space. Some will love the hustle and bustle of a local cafe, others the peace of a minimalist solo workspace. We are all individuals, we think and feel differently. But often we just cram ourselves into the spaces we think we should be in.

Back your ability, step back and consider if the space you’re in is really the right one for you.


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