The One About Slowing Down

I’ll admit it, I’m always looking for ways to reach the finish line faster. For those small hacks that help speed up the road the success on any given project.

Not just creative work, but literally anything involving effort. My default is to look for the fastest, most innovative and less taxing way of complete something. Maybe this is because I’m lazy, have a short attention span, or perhaps I’m just a success junkie who’s addicted to the feeling of overcoming a challenge.

But lately, I’ve begun accepting that sometimes there’s just no substitute for hard work. Sometimes progress is slow, things that time and that’s okay.

Because success shouldn’t just be measured in outcomes. Our ideas of success should be wider, and include the the processes you’re building themselves. If you’re dedicated to setting up a solid, consistent method underpinned by hard work, then instant results don’t matter  because you’ll deliver results down the line.

Well, at least that’s what I’m telling myself right now. My begrudging realisation that there’s no substitute for hard work, and no matter how much you want it things do just take time.

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