The One About Positivity

I’ll admit it, I’m pretty negative person. My own worse critic, seeing the glasses as half empty rather than full, with a fixation on perfection that means anything less is rarely satisfying. But now that’s all going to change. And here’s how…

I’m setting myself a positivity challenge. Going forward from tonight I’m going to actively find the positives in whatever comes my way.

Am I going to stop being critical of ideas, efforts, and experiences? Hell no. But for each negative thought, I’m going to find at least two positives. Whether that’s a different international of a situation, or how an experience can be turned into a learning opportunity.

I’ve heard that practicing positive thinking can help boost your overall mental health, happiness, and outlook on life. Now it’s time to try that out.

So my personal positivity challenge starts now, and okay it’s starting small with a 2:1 ratio for positive thinking, but hopefully it’ll have some good results!

1 Comment

  1. Good luck Tom!
    Are you just going to mentally remind yourself to think 2 positive thoughts every time a negative pops into mind? Or start writing it down on paper? Sorry, just curious. Haha


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