The One About Starting Over

Sometimes it’s hard to get started. But it can be even harder to restart. The first time round it’s a total adventure, you have no frame of reference that relates to failure. So you’ll throw yourself in a 100% – whatever it is you’re up to.

But what happens when you fall down? When things don’t go as planned? You might get a gym membership in the new year, start full of intention and never go beyond the week you signed up. Often we’ll just rationalise why we couldn’t keep on track and move on to something new that’ll inspire us and hold our attention….at least for a short while.

In those moments, picking up and starting over is the bravest thing you could do.  It can really take something to accept that it was you, rarely truly forces far beyond your control, that saw you fail the first time round.

Always back yourself to do better, to be better and pick up, start over and realise the hopes you had at the start. Because the truth is each of us has the power to see things through if we can face up to the challenge getting back up when we fall down.

If you’re reading this, set yourself the challenge to revisit a failed ambition you had. It could be something big, or something small. But make it something you never saw through. Really consider why you never quite made it…then make that plan to pick back up and start over until you’ve realised your goals.

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