The One About Joy

What gives you joy? When all the many pitfalls in life come your way, what can be counted on to always lift your spirits? That was the question that brought me to write this blog.

For me, it’s my nephew, my partner, good food, and exercise. But I’m not here to write a blog detailing why these things I’ve me joy, regardless of what else is going on in my life. I’m here to make a pitch for joyful things.

Particularly, why right now you should map out what those things are for you, and invest some more time in them.

Okay, that might seem like a bit of a redundant statement. But trust me, I see people undervaluing making time for the things that simply give them joy. It can be all too easy to slip into the mode of “there’s no time for that” and adopt a “tomorrow, not today” attitude. The danger here is that attitudes on one day, become mindsets for weeks, and patterns for months and years.

Having more fun means less stress. Less stress means a better mindset. And a better mindset means better ideas, more productivity, and creativity. Getting to that end result can’t just be achieved by taking time off, or getting space from whatever is grinding your gears. I believe you have to actively invest in whatever will give you joy, it’ll free up your mind to engage in other things.

So what should you do with the rest of your day? Ditch your worries at the door and spend some time doing the things that give you joy.

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